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Artistic Works Dentistry is a general dentistry practice, where we work hard to ensure that you have a healthy smile. We regularly identify and treat dental caries, also called cavities or tooth decay. Cavities tend to occur when plaque builds up on your teeth and destroys the tooth enamel. We remove the decayed areas, then fill or cover the now cleared section of the tooth. We can also repair or replace fractured teeth.
When we fill a small cavity, we often use a composite resin material that will match the shade of your existing teeth. These tooth-colored fillings ensure that your smile has a consistent appearance.

If a cavity or structural damage is too large for a composite resin filling, we can restore the exposed area with a porcelain-based inlay. A porcelain inlay provides a durable restoration. Sometimes, the damage from a tooth fracture or decay becomes so extensive that a very large section of a tooth must be repaired, including the cusp. When this occurs, we use porcelain onlays to ensure that the inner walls and cusp areas of the teeth remain strong and viable. An onlay allows us to preserve more of the original structure of the tooth than a crown would.

When a large cavity or a crack affects the long-term health of a tooth, we cover the tooth with a porcelain crown. This process requires that we remove a portion of the tooth, including the healthy sections, to ensure a stable setting for the crown. We provide porcelain restorations in one visit using CERAC. We carefully design and fit the crown to match your bite so you can eat and speak without noticing the difference.

For patients anxious about dental procedures, we provide educational materials and have an intraoral camera to show you what the therapy entails. We can also offer nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, to help you relax.

The professionals at Artistic Works Dentistry provide thorough explanations for all treatments to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedures. We also discuss treatment options to help you choose the best solution for you or your family member.

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